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The blog includes articles by myself and others covering topics raised in the book: "Reinventing the C-Suite". It is freely available to all visitors

About me

I was a CIO for ten years and for the last twenty years I have been advising executives on managing in the digital world.
I have written three books and am busy with the fourth: "Reinventing the C-Suite"
In my spare time I read (everything), climb mountains and play guitar (not necessarily at the same time).

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About Reinventing the C-Suite

This website is designed to support Terry White's new book: "Reinventing the C-Suite" due to be published in February 2020.

When I started the book, I had in mind to help executives realize the challenges facing them in general, and the digital challenge in particular. As I researched and explored the issues, I came to understand that digital is the lesser of the challenges executives face. The greatest challenge is the way they organize and run their operations, the way they control and manage, and that their priorities seem to be at odds with the primary purpose of business, shareholders, and employees. Technology merely accelerates the crisis. And crisis it is - corporate raiding of the economy, pillaging of resources, pollution of the environment, and control of employees' lives. This may seem a harsh indictment, but read the papers and watch the news – it’s very worrying. We need a revolution.


Reinventing the

Evolving the next generation digital executive