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    Evolving the next generation digital executive

    Reinventing the C-Suite

    Helping executives in a
    digital, disruptive,
    and fast-changing world


    Here's what I think

    You know how many executives understand that they should use technology more,
    yet they avoid dealing with it,
    but worry about not doing so?

    I can help: No jargon, no judgment.
    So I've put my current thinking in a  blog. Articles by myself and others, cover topics raised in the book:
    "Reinventing the C-Suite".

    The blog is freely available to all visitors

    About Reinventing the

    This website is designed to support my new book:
    "Reinventing the C-Suite"
    due to be published in August 2019. The book examines the challenges facing executives in a digital, fast-changing and disruptive business environment. Then the book looks at the type of executives needed to meet these challenges. We look at the thinking, skills, roles, and organization of the new C-Suite.

    Things to do

    You'll find a number of templates, models, checklists, and techniques available to subscribers.

    Here you will find some of the tools that I find useful in dealing with the three issues that the  C-Suite finds difficult when dealing with digitization:

    • Understanding technology

    • Addressing tech issues

    • Changing business results, and their careers through technology

    About me

    I was a CIO for ten years and for the last twenty years I have been advising executives on managing in the digital world.
    I have written three books and am busy with the fourth: "Reinventing the C-Suite"

    In my spare time I read (everything), climb mountains and play guitar (not necessarily at the same time).

    About people I work with

    Here's the thing:

    Many of the executives I work with are a little scared of technology, and the purveyors of that technology.

    It's daunting being faced with a techie sprouting "the GDRW2.3 needs upgrading, and blockchain is the next new thing!"

    I work with executives to make business sense of technology and use it to improve their operations, products, and customer interactions. It's complex, yes, but not that difficult.
    We can do it together.